• Hiking in Bwindi forest

In collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Ihamba residence offers guests a 6-hour hiking experience through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest at an extra cost of Ushs 30,000 for East African citizens and $70 for foreign nationals. The nature walk takes you through the marvel that is Bwindi from maneuvering thickets and dense undergrowth to scaling forested hills over and over again.

  • Gorilla trekking

In partnership with different Tour operators, the residence can secure you gorilla permits at your expense that will enable you to go trek the mighty beasts which only live in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Visit the Batwa Heritage Center

The Batwa were for thousands of years hunter-gatherers living inside the forest. They were displaced when the forest was gazetted as a national park they now live on the fringes of the Forest. Change a life launched a heritage center to showcase the history of the Batwa.

  • Volunteering with change a life projects.

Change a life projects have several projects that support the Batwa community. We welcome volunteers to stay with us and help with the projects.
Learn more about Change a life Bwindi Here

  • Cultural tours

Understanding local culture can be extended to the local Bakiga community within which the resident lies. They are mainly subsistence farmers and the hilly area is covered with tea plantations.

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More Information

Essential items that shouldn’t be missing in your backpack if you intend to do gorilla trekking include insect repellent, Rain jacket, waterproof hiking boots, Camera with no flash, long sleeve shirt or t-shirt, trousers , sweaters, sunglasses, bottled water , first aid kit and many others .

Please consider to wear environmental friendly clothes while going for gorilla trekking and avoid those that are brightly coloured.

Avoid bright colours.

The residence offers its visitors organically grown African food freshly harvested from our gardens and grown locally.

We serve local meals on a buffet basis prepared by our local community chef using local Recipes.

The meals can be served in the outside sitting area which has beautiful views of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or in the dining area by the fireplace.

Because we care about our guests health and the environment. We have an organic farming demonstration garden where most of our food is grown.

We also use this garden to train local women of good and environmentally friendly farming practices which include water conservation, pollution reduction, reduction of soil erosion, increase of soil fertility organically and use less energy.

We front a practice of farming without using chemicals, insecticides or pesticides to protect the birds, bees and people who consume and stay around our demonstration garden.

In Uganda, you never visit and leave without eating a “rolex.” At the residence, our expert chefs will offer this in different styles.